Seashores of Crazy Mexico

I was going through a desk drawer and came across an 8-year old birthday card (that’s when I turned 36 for the 7th time) from the FD. I keep it because of the neat things a wonderful daughter says to me, her Dad…and the puzzlement a Dad has when a card like this is given:

Believe me, I’ve never done this before, not even when partying in Jamaica with Crazy Mike in the late 80’s. This is not me, literally not in any size, shape, or form…of things (although having a flat belly would be nice for a change). Besides, FSTBDIL Tammy wouldn’t let me buy this hat only because the style is not me.

I really think that’s Kenny Chesney under hat(s), still “anxiously” waiting for Renee to return from the beach-side privey (just kidding Chesney fans).

I don’t think FD can explain this card to me yet today. Love you Sweets anyway!


7 thoughts on “Seashores of Crazy Mexico

  1. I know Dani is talented but not even she can make that picture look anything like present-day me. Now if you have any whale-on-the-beach pictures from your Alaska trip, she might be able to work her electronic magic. I get shivers just thinking about it.


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