The Weekend Warriors

My of my, we spent a 5 day weekend in Kansas this past week. What great family time spent together, golfing and BBQing…talking and celebrating!

At the May’s, it was golf. At the McRae’s, it was being at the farm.

For the May’s, the annual Relay for Life Golf Tournament fundraiser was played…the Old Guys managed to eek out a win in match play over the Youngens….what was it kiddos? 5 strokes?

At the McRae’s, we had time with Paul prior to his wheat harvest (even though he was a bit anxious for the weather to cooperate with his soon-to-be cutting schedule).

Most of all, OFS and OFDIL came with us…OFD and OFFSIL flew into Wichita and we picked them up along the way. We were all together for the weekend; the May’s had everyone back. It was truly a family reunion of sorts.

As usual I toted along a couple of cameras. I managed to fill up 6 gig worth of memory chips (±1750 photos, plus some video). 

Check out the photos if you’re so moved. It captures only a small part of all that went on:

Photos of The McRae BBQ at the Farm

Photos of The May BBQ in Town

Photos of The Relay for Life Golf Outing

Photos of The Kansas trip miscellany

One thought on “The Weekend Warriors

  1. What a big weekend the Texas Mays had! Awesome pics, Tim. I laughed, teared, ooohed, and awed as I slideshowed through each event of your weekend. Thanks for sharing and thank you and Deb for a wonderful bar-b-que at Bob’s. Memories to last a life time! :o) bec


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