Thump 09-12-2010

Personal notes from a Sunday morning at Denton Bible Church:

Music – 10 hymns…10 standards of the faith:

  1. Praise God All Creatures
  2. Almighty Fortress
  3. How Great Thou Art
  4. Wonderful Grace of Jesus
  5. He Lives
  6. I Know When I Have Believed
  7. He Leadeth Me, O Blessed Thought
  8. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  9. Sweet By and By
  10. Nearer My God To Thee

Reading of the Text: Philippians 2:12-17

Sermon Notes (Pastor Tommy Nelson):

  • Spiritual songs are in touch with today
  • Hymnal songs are in touch with past
  • Psalms are in touch with Christians
  • Trust a Christian: they are to have a oneness in how they live and what they believe
  • Shakespeare: We know who we are but may not know what we may be
  • ver.12: “work out your salvation”
  • A Christian is saved to begin a relationship; we are the expression of God’s 1) truth in life, 2) in this world, and 3) living through You
  • Jesus – brings change in hearts, gives inner peace
  • Belief, Behavior, Code – a Christian’s belief but also more
  • In cooperation…He works in, you work out – what benefit “He Touched Me”; you get His effect on our will: 1) the new covenant heart and mind (regeneration), 2) love of God shed aboard, 3) anointing received abides in you and teaches all things, 4) sin breaks a code and grieves the spirit of God, 5) mind of Christ is now ours, 6) the Holy Spirit is our helper – He strengthens us, fills us, 7) gift for service, 8) our joy and obedience, or He will chase us, 9) the preaching of God’s word, teaches and corrects, 10) God comforts us through our affliction, 11) obedience discloses His wisdom, 12) glories of the Gospel
  • God is a good God, but He is not tame
  • (TN) “No suggestion box in the temple of God”
  • Christians are all to have a destiny: do what you do, all that I can
  • (TN) Christians: the more committed, the more hard-headed
  • ver14: “shut up!” incessant complaining, disputing, and blaming needs to stop!!!
  • ver15: be above reproach
  • ver16: if live in the dark, you are of no use to God
  • At the end of “Saving Private Ryan”, and aged Ryan stands over the grave of Captain Miller (Tom Hanks character) and tearfully asks his wife, “tell me I was a good man”, ‘was I worth this?’ – questions we all must ask ourselves in our own faith journey.

2 thoughts on “Thump 09-12-2010

  1. Cool notes Tim, how long have you been going to Denton Bible? Do you like it? For some reason I thought you went somewhere else…

    The saving private ryan quote got me thinking… and I think the most beautiful and freeing thing about Christ, is that we aren’t worth it and we aren’t good men. We never will be good enough, and that’s the point. While at our worst, God loves us and saved us through Christ. All we gotta do is admit our futility, repent and follow Him. This is something that I’m not sure I fully understand, but for which I am eternally grateful.



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