A week (weak) of interest

Despite the fact of having a blog, trying to write a post-a-day all year long, and linking it to Facebook and Twitter, I really don’t mean to go on and on about the life and times of…well…Mackie and Zoey.

I’m probably the first in line to get somewhat disinterested at those posts that each day describe the length of toenails, the loudness of steps others take when you’re sick or still hung over from the night before, or the amount of Friday donuts consumed by a least favorite person at work…for example. So this week I do it again.

No one will convince me otherwise: you create your own interest in life and you alone choose to share it with humor, pity, blandness, annoyance, or not at all. Some might say I’m doing a self-description (did I mention conceit, self-infatuation, and boastfulness?), but whatever it is, here goes my week log – whether it is interesting or not, is up to you: 


The morning commute was arduous but found solace in a car tag half way to work that simply said “Glry Be”.

Found no place to park at a favorite downtown Fort Worth BBQ place…so I skipped lunch.

The afternoon commute was painful, until bikers on loud scooters reminded me to let loose a bit…


The guys at work and I restarted our quest to find the best burger places in Fort Worth. Ambiance counts…I chose Fred’s this week.

I like dogs.


Shin-deep in a creek for part of the day measuring pebbles and calculating fluid volumes. Oh yeah, and listening to stream restoration theories. I say we walk up one side of the creek, take a few pictures, walk down the other side, take a few more pictures, note what’s working and what isn’t, and let that water run it’s course. Protect what you can from the water outward and know good and well, it’s gonna do what it wants to no matter how heroic the engineering effort. Your papa always said “pick your fights carefully”…this one is not a good fight.

I ate the last piece of only the all time best candy in the whole wide wide world, that every year it seems OFNi Sarah gets me for Christmas (this is the first year it has lasted this long too).


Orthopedic doctor diagnosed a chronic elbow pain within one minute as “tennis elbow”. The next minute he described the 2″ incision, how the torn muscle would be scalpelled the rest of the way, repaired, and then have it immobilized for 4 weeks.  I told him “nope”. He then got annoyed…his assistant chuckled at our conversation. We will see what happens next.

Joe at work’s wife blacked out at home and cracked her head. 10 hours at the hospital, Joe finally took her home. I applaud Joe as he had Amber with 5 stitches and I bet a headache like no one’s business, and little Aubrey and Cayleigh wanting to play with Mom. Hey Joe! At least you didn’t get a 2 minute drill with surgical precision thrown at you!

Beeba was in town! We had burgers and beers for dinner (see yesterday’s post)!


Had my monthly one-on-one lunch with the company partners.

Said a solemn good-bye to an old friend down the street today. So many stories we had yet to share….

Bachelor weekend has started. Well sort of I guess. I have two beautiful ladies in the house wanting to be with me each waking minute all weekend (obviously they’re not too interested in sharing slumber with me).

Live to work? Work to live? Who cares right now…it’s Friday night and the whole weekend is in front of us.

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