One for the other half


From a family lineage and heritage perspective, the in-law side of the family has a pretty way-cool claim on history…a history of Scotland that is.

The Clan McRae is a proud and noble bunch. Their Scottish history speaks for itself. However, one of the most recognized icons of Clan McRae is not that of its Clan folklore and honor, but that of a small castle on a big stage standing in the middle of some really deep water.

Eilean Donan is the place. And today’s Clan McRae, worldwide, are the stewards of a wonderful Scottish destination.

One day a tour of the castle will be given and I’m sure then my camera will be working overtime. But it is doubtful I will capture that postcard shot as it’s world-wide claim to fame is that being the “most photographed castle in Scotland”, and also of the world. Many before me have showcased their talent having many a photo used in books and calendars and tourist websites. Instead, finding just that right picture or angle that will capture proud McRae visitors soaking up the surreal Clan pride of a centuries-old domain will be the order of the trip.

Today’s MSN home page featured “The World’s Most Extraordinary Castles” as its lead banner. Eilean Donan is the #2 slide of the show (now I don’t iiiiiiintend to start an argument with my immediate Clan family but I don’t think the 15 castles listed are in any kind of worldly ranked order…). Still, it is a cool place to call home.

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