Weekend Randomness

Nothing posed…nothing special. But they are kind of fun.

Backyard critter with wings

Somebody actually drives this car around town...
Now I like hats and own a bunch, but damn if this guy doesn't have himself a HAT! (am I suppose to push the button for this guy?)
How do they know this is the case? (the heart shape is a nice touch)
A Trumpet Vine's last stand in downtown Fort Worth
Toll bridge at dusk (and a boat headed back to the marina)
Good Saturday morning!
Front yard Hummingbird at my Turk's Cap
Fishing just before the crack of dawn
Good Sunday morning!
Sunday's orange glow sunrise masked by the early morning clouds
A Sunday morning sees a setting moon (1 day past full)


2 thoughts on “Weekend Randomness

  1. These are far from nothing special. You have an excellent eye for light! I espically love “Backyard critter with wings”, simply wonderful! Thank you for posting.


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