Movie eats

I did a solo date last night…well sort of; it was me and Harry Potter. The movie was actually pretty good, if you’ve been at least following the stories either by book and/or on the big screen. Based on the attendance, I may have been in a definite minority of those having not seen the last HP movie. Regardless, I won’t snap the wand, but I will say this: teenagers are annoying and quite bothersome at movie theaters, especially when the genders are mixed…how and why they move around the theatre so much is beyond me…and they think that’s “cool”. Oh yeah, they use the flashlight app on their phone to do so. Arrrggghhhh.

But better yet, no movie theatre food was consumed!

Oh but wait, now that’s not to say I didn’t try to get some butter-slathered popcorn. I stood in line behind two ladies. The first lady was asked what she wanted. She stood there at the counter with her mouth partially open. You probably know that routine, right? When there’s just not a whole lot of choice to confuse the patron but yet they stand there and go “now let’s see…what do I want”. Thank you clueless customer, you saved me a few pounds and repeated dental flossing in the morning – dang kernels any how.

Good final movie for Mr. Potter. Good to get out of there without a teenager health, safety, and welfare incident.

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