Several ideas on this one….

Men's Room Entrance at the famous "Harry Met Sally and everybody remembers that scene" Katz's Deli in Manhattan...I think they make it clear who's room this really is

An "OMG are you serious?" entrance to this church campus in Keller, Texas
Family friend Natalie and her Dad make a grand entrance....
A residential driveway entrance for wheels and Oak Cliff (Dallas)
The St. Louis Arch - the ultimate entrance (gateway) to the West
The ornate columns at the Historic Masonic Temple entrance, Philadelphia PA
The Catacombs entrance at Historic Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY
The Garden entrance (a personal project of mine BTW)
A stately entrance at one the many building at Balboa Park (the Museum of Man), San Diego CA
An equally stately entry for a Fort Worth Nature Center hiking rail
A nicely gated entrance to a residence