Saturday weird and randoms

It’s been a day. Balloons in the morning, worked a Nursery/Landscape Expo convention in downtown Dallas (and rode the light rail to and from).

Maybe I need me one of these "scooters for adults"

Here's our booth - that would be us. Yup, we landscape architects have been green for so long some of us are getting grey (and white)...
Well yeah...we were at a nursery and landscape convention after all
It's one thing to have a propane lawn mower, but it's another to misuse the English language in quoting "you're" price for all "you're" clients to see
Damn birds...crap on everything.
You see all kinds: Hawaiian shirt, lime green shorts, an empty roller suitcase, all the while checking out the exhibit hall....
Hats! You gotta love the hats (too excited to hold the camera steady - sorry y'all)
And these guys trim the junipers to look like Saguaro cactus...that's not right, is it?Poetry signage on the DART Light! I are cultured!
Geez it was hot today! Record overnight and daytime high temperatures set today


Oh yeah, the balloons:

Watch out for that roof!
Bring her down (and the hawk is overseeing it all)
Heave Ho...anda on three (or five) its all together now.