35 and counting

What a grand weekend! And boy howdy did I take a bunch of pictures!

the uncooperative guys at the 35th

The milestone 35th reunion happened at Hays High School. Despite a losing effort for the current Indians on the football field (losing to Garden City), those of us alumni able to attend the homecoming and reunion had a fabulous time…not just one evening, but two!

Our class of 190-something produced about 45 of us over the weekend. We all showed up to enjoy ourselves, the time spent with good friends, and to poke fun at the aging habits a handful of us seem to be developing. Better yet, little grief was taken on the thinning noggin, chubby cheeks, and the mid-section bounce that seems to have graced my curb appeal. I guess it is what it is, huh?

The fun-loving gals attending the 35th....

The optimism in me makes me believe reunions are as fun as you make them to be. No longer should the “grouping” of folks take place amongst us (if we wanted that to happen, we would have had the party at the old high school cafeteria for crying out loud). In fact, it is interesting how someone who 35 years ago may have acted flippant towards you, now sees our reunion as “give-me-a-hug, how-ya-been, its-good-to-see-you” friendships. Funny too (and a good thing) how time can be very humbling for us…at times.

Reunions give me a time to reflect on a time when life was simpler, a daily existence that allowed a much more carefree attitude, dates and dances were important events, hand-me-down cars with bald tires and a 1/4 tank of gas got us around town, and of course…the first loves and crushes that were so innocent that one sometimes wonders how tough it might be to get that (innocence) back. (OK, I’m now closing my eyes and going to that happy place of long ago).

To all my high school friends, pals, loves, and crushes…thanks for sharing a wonderful weekend, whether it was in person, from a distance, in my memory, or in spirit. I hope we all make it to the 40th, in more ways than one!

Now don’t make me out to be too sentimental or lovey-dovey, but this song put up on my iPod commuting home from work tonight…I thought…hmmmm. This is kind of fitting.

Oh yeah, and I stood amongst you with camera in hand and along side photographers much more talented and professional than I. Thanks for letting me (us) take pictures of all y’all…”after all these years”.

photo by a sneaky classmate Darwin Drake, at the 35th....

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