The Maybe Daily Cap (51)

32 years ago I started singing "You Are My Sunshine" to my baby girl. Whenever she would fuss, I would sing. And miraculously she would stop...most likely from disbelief of such a horrific sound coming from her "pops". As an infant, as a toddler, as an adolscent, as a teenager, as a high school senior, as a college student and grad, as a long-distance caller, and still to this day, I sing her that song! Happy Birthday Sweets! " make me happy when skies are gray". (this morning's sunrise pushing away the clouds BTW)

5 thoughts on “The Maybe Daily Cap (51)

    1. Thanks Mona. My kids (and soon to be grandkiddo) have all the really good, bad, and goofy on-the-job training stories about my Dad-hood.


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