The Lincoln Daily Cap(s) (79)

I met my newest, bestest pal today. This is Lincoln, my all-of-24-hour old grandson. He pooped twice, peed twice, and got feed once. Good to know what is going in is coming out a-ok. All is well - they go home tomorrow (Tuesday).
Like riding a bicycle....
Sat with two of my favorites...FS and now my FGS. A couple of champs these two are!
The FDIL was a champ as well - she's doing well, way-proud of Lincoln, and graciously let us play with the kiddo most of the afternoon and evening, knowing we probably were contributing to a much-anticipated long night of floor pacing with the little man.
G-Momma, new Papa, and Lincoln enjoying a moment on the couch...

10 thoughts on “The Lincoln Daily Cap(s) (79)

    1. Mona – after about 30 seconds of walking in the room, I figured out just how wonderful that is. Thanks! I look forward to bragging on him in the near future.


    1. Thanks Doris! He is a pretty special guy…and, don’t cha know, he’s letting his parents live down your way in the Weird Town.


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