The New Park Daily Cap(s) (94)

At the newly opened area at the local Corps park, I watched this guy, on a sliver of land, catch a fish...
and then he caught another....
and for the love of stink bait, he went and caught himself another (3 fish, 10 minutes - kind of makes a guy want to grab a pole and start fishing himself)
and then I found my old buddies checking out the new area of the park....
all puffed up and showing off...for me?
Struttin' his stuff...
Most will overlook the weedy looking flowers, I try not to hurry through the day so where did I put my Texas Wildflower books?

One thought on “The New Park Daily Cap(s) (94)

  1. Ha, there was a wild turkey on our patio the other day. Tried so hard to get a picture, but the closer I walked to him the faster he moved away. It was like we were doing this weird dance. he won. I didn’t know they could fly!!


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