The Apparently Summers Here Daily Cap(s) (106)


Nothing like having a fun, friendly family soccer game during the Sunday afternoon picnic outing...except for the one guy who looks a bit chapped about something...or maybe he's just cutting through.
...and the little girl could care less about some silly old game of kicking a ball around...she's got some orange shoes that deserve her undivided attention right now...that, and a cool refreshing soda.
a family jet ski outing...
The size of your boat really doesn't matter, nor the way it moves across the water...
...Just as long as the dang thing floats!
Wonder what the investment in this guy's fishing pole is....
...this guy has his investments under control...all you need is one pole with a bobber (and a pair of chest waders comes in handy at times)
...but these guys, holy cow...another one of those "family that fishes together" sort of gatherings - I have a gut feeling their pole-investment is not the priority here...
Now this, I'm all for: get cha a small Zebco pole from the local discounter and give it a heave-ho sidearm cast...and I bet this kiddo is full of questions
Show off...
OK, you're good...enough of you and your fancy water skiing..'Hey Buddy! It's only April. It's supposed to still be a bit chilly out here on the lake. Grab a towel"
And so the kid has to show me a trick or two as well...
Does it get any better than a kid's dog anxiously waiting and proudly watching from the dock? I think not. This is good stuff...


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