The Sketchy Notes Daily Cap(s) (130)

Work: meeting notes and doodles from yesterday’s brainstorming…dang near had the project designed by the time we got finished, or so it seemed (I’ve got more – I am so out of practice with handwriting – dam  you iPad – and sketching)
Work: figuring how we might get that boardwalk rebuilt above the flood line…and out of reach to those dern water snakes. And yes, one should always know where the “duck standing area” is in your life…
Church: just something to keep in mind and in perspective (first line – if you can read my handwriting)….

2 thoughts on “The Sketchy Notes Daily Cap(s) (130)

    1. Glad this reminder found you at the right time Mona. It’s interesting how, at least with me, those coincidental reminder raps on the noggin’ every now and then can often times happen at the most opportune moment. Hope you’re doing well and your singing voice is in tune :)


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