Some loving that goes on and on

OK. So I will admit…I’m a sucker for a good love song.

And Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” sung with Diana Ross has always been a favorite.

Like you – you can admit it, that’s fine – I know the lyrics by heart.

Yup, I know the harmonies and both the guy and girl parts. I can sing the song (not very well mind you) acapella, or with Lionel and Diana if need be. Either way it looks to be, and sounds like someone is getting all glazey-eyed…

I now know, with my youthful courtship attempts I was always (and still am for that matter) more romantic and charming in my imagination than I was in real life. These songs did not help schmuse the girls, but it was fun trying! So here we go…can’t we all just sing along?

Now dang if I don’t have two more versions to sing with from even more favorite artists. I’m not yet sure which version I like better…don’t think I will pick for a while.

So if you hear really bad singing, along with really good singing, coming from the other room, that would be me (the really bad singing) giving it the good ol’ romantic try (with the really good video singing). Please show a little patience while I give this new harmony stuff a tone and pitch. (No worries – it will not be “endless” suffering).

I wonder if Diana Krall sings this song? hmmmmmmmm….

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