The Setup-And-Git-R-Done-For-The-Wedding Daily Cap(s) (147)

OFNi Whitney gets married this evening and looky here who stepped up and got it all put together – another OFNi Sarah. I hope I speak on behalf of the both the wedding couple’s family…thanks Gurl!
And you too Jerry! Stepping up for extended families you’re just now getting to know….
Yup…that is a deer head mount in the top right. Whitney and Stephen are getting married tonight in a place called “Daisy Dukes” that typically serves a variety of cold alcoholic beverages. So the curtains were made and strung to cover certain amenities of the establishment, and Sarah created a make-shift alter for the ceremony. Did I mention OFNi Sarah and Jerry are some of the bestest people on face of the earth? They did the “Git R’ Done” all day long (and well into the evening, wedding, and dance)….


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