The Leave-No-Scottie-Inside Daily Cap(s) (154)

The Royals – Princess Zoey here – were lounging about the living room today, staying in the AC instead of the 93º temperatures….
Mackie Queen of Scots will always give me that annoyed look when the camera is out (no matter if its the big Canon or the little FugiFilm…she indulges me only for a few shots, so I gotta be quick with her)
But there is one way to get at least the Queen out-of-doors…feed her watermelon! She absolutely loves this summertime treat. She recognizes the melon when you bring it in the door and will start bumping your leg. When its being cut, she either sits up and begs or will scratch the beegeebers out of your leg….
The Princess on the other hand, is a bit less enthusiastic about the treat (although there is no way the Queen will get any of her portion of her melon whether she eats it or not). Regardless, it got their lazy butts off the couch and to the backyard 

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