The Dallas Arboretum Daily Cap(s) (168)

Coneflowers – they are quickly becoming my favorite flower to photograph
Coneflowers – in many different colors and shades
Chihuly glass exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum…
The Dallas (Cowboys) Star…yet they were not a sponsor of the exhibit
My favorite piece….
The exhibit, for the most part, survived the hail storm this past week….
The Dallas Star…a close up look
I bet they are cool at night as well went they’re all lighted up….
Red hands….(six fingers on those hands, but hands none the less)
A twisted mix of colors – this piece looked better up close than from a distance
Colors adrift….
Colors on calm seas….
White lilies…nice…again
Sculptures weren’t the only colorful spectacle at the Arboretum today….
Oh yeah…I got a new (my first) Canon 50mm lens today. I think I’m gonna like it just a whole bunch….

10 thoughts on “The Dallas Arboretum Daily Cap(s) (168)

    1. Thanks Queenie! Despite the amateur photography, the pics show a bit of the vibrance of the exhibit, but nothing like being there in person.


  1. I’m taking a photography course….your photos of the exhibit are awesome. You’re giving me lots of inspiration to keep learning & practicing!


  2. ooooooh! I’m just a tad envious. I can’t convince Mr. Pea that a ninety minute drive to the other side of civilization to look at some amazing glass is a worthwhile endeavor.


    1. It’s a destination spot…hahaha. I have about 280 more pics I could share and for sure save you the trip :)


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