Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Sorry y’all. I got started and didn’t really want to quit on this challenge….

A fleeting moment….
My kids…some 30 years ago. Wow.
FD and FSoIL – wading in a cold stream during Christmas vacation a few years back
My father-in-law while opening his Christmas gifts last year (oh how I hope he doesn’t see this…)
A hot air balloon makes an emergency landing down the street…
An approaching storm
The guys at our 35th high school reunion last fall…oh my how time has fleeted
A brown bear (with a blond strip down her back) in Canada last fall – I was ready to flee in a heartbeat
My brothers and Dad after a shore lunch in Canada last fall (they didn’t know I took this photo…and I’ve often wondered what they were saying to each other)
Bald Eagle looking to snatch something….
A young couple…taking in the moment
Kids at the water’s edge….
A pending happy family reunion at the airport
In passing one should take in the view….
You’ve got to be quick…and lucky sometimes
The respect and silence is humbling….
Another fleeting magic moment…

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