The Lame Daily Cap(s) (217)

Sorry gang. Being cooped up in a “summit” meeting all day today had my poor Canon really wanting, and my creativity waning….not much to show for the day:

Kind of a cool neon sign in Alexandria VA (taken for a friend – his camera battery had tuckered out)

Doesn’t everyone need a set of 3 marble balls? 30 bucks…they’re yours!

You know you’re hopeless in your blogging when you sit at the hotel bar with the iPad, drinking a (delicious) vodka martini, using the free internet connection and updating your “The Daily Cap(s)” posting just to keep the “postaday” streak alive (despite the photos being lousy today)….

And then the $11.72 tab comes…for just one cocktail. Ouch!

Trying to decide if my focus in the hotel elevator mirror was because of the sudden stop on Floor 6, or perhaps just the influence of the $11.71 martini….oops…$11.72…damn martini anyhow….

4 thoughts on “The Lame Daily Cap(s) (217)

    1. Had I known I was stompin’ around your stomps, I would have gotten a restaurant recommendation or two from ya. Next time!


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