The Totally Random Daily Cap(s) (311)

Getting hosed down….our local volunteer firefighters take care of their equipment
I just finished my 17th year (I think) of doing the public address for Lake Dallas High School Football – “your best entertainment value in town…Falcon Football Firiday Night!”
Ceramic balls from the kitchen….
This so reminded me of an “Andy Griffin”, or maybe it was a “Leave It To Beaver” episode….
The candle boat (for lack of a better term) in the living room….





4 thoughts on “The Totally Random Daily Cap(s) (311)

  1. 17 years! The sound of your voice at a Falcon Football Friday night must make everyone feel like they’ve come home.


    1. Funny you say that…at this year “Homecoming” I had your very comment stated from a few parents and students. I think our Athletic Director is beginning to wonder whether he will get to choose a different voice before he retires (haha). I’ve had a blast doing the games!


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