The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

What fun we’ve had!

Fun times with the present opening….

His other grandpa repurposed the FDIL’s childhood Radio Flyer wagon for Lincoln – turned out great!

Lincoln got an alligator hat for Christmas – it didn’t stay on his head long….

A long day and tons of presents…he’s now starting to wind down for the day….

We all hope y’all are having a grand and merry Christmas

The end of a long day….

6 thoughts on “The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

      1. Good for you Mona. I bet your entire blog family wished you a happy Christmas, with or without knowing it was a day spent only in what seemed to be, solitude…hope you have a New Years celebration of sorts in the plans (even if it’s cooking a pot of black-eyed peas). :)


    1. Thank you Sid! I am contemplating my continuation of daily blogging…that is if I can be somewhat creative in writing and/or photography, and offer some entertainment value to the limited number of folks that stop by for a look-see. How ’bout you…what are your blogging plans for 2013?


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