The Prince Has Arrived

His Highness...
All of 8 weeks old, may I announce: His Highness…
Yet to be named....
Yet to be named….anybody?
I get the feeling he is all boy....
I get the feeling he is all boy….

7 thoughts on “The Prince Has Arrived

  1. Awww, he is so cute!!!!!!! He looks a little scared of the camera. He will get over that soon enough though! (Prince Charming:))


  2. Oh My! He’s just adorable. A name suggestion for you: “Edward, The Black Prince”. Our reason is historical. Edward, The Black Prince was the son of our English King: Edward III who reigned 1327-1377. The Black Prince was to become the next English King, but unfortunately he died 1 year before his father. The Crown was passed onto The Black Prince’s son Richard, who became Richard II. We’ve had several Prince’s and Princesses in our line as well. Whatever he is “named” he will no doubt be a wonderful addition to your family


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