Perhaps There’s a Wee Bit of Want-a-Scottie in Everyone

Standing watch….
Standing watch are Lincoln and the Princess Zoey….
Telling stories….
Kind of makes a guy wonder what they were talking about….
Forever pals now….
Pals forever….
I was texted this picture on the way home from work, from the FDIL (Linc's mom) with the caption "we're waiting for you!"
From Linc’s mom came this texted picture received on the drive home…with the caption “we’re waiting for you!” (iPhone photo by Tammy)

6 thoughts on “Perhaps There’s a Wee Bit of Want-a-Scottie in Everyone

  1. These photographs are wondrous! I love them all, but the first one is a charmer. I saw a black giant Schnauzer today in the park, and I was taken with how closely he resembled a Scottie…in the head, the rest of him looked like he could have played professional basketball. Huge, and his beautiful paws were the size of tennis balls!


    1. Thanks Elisa! My first groomer mistakenly gave my Mackie Queen of Scots a Schnauzer haircut. I wasn’t very tactful (nice) in voicing my displeasure at the time, but she ended up learning the Scottie cut because of it. :)


    1. Aren’t Scotties about the most fun dog ever? Thanks Pat! Prince Peaty continues to be a challenge that makes me laugh every day (today he fetched me a stone from my garden that was as big as his head! He brought it in the house and left it on the couch).


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