The Circle Up Daily Cap

Field meetings and conversations have always been a part of my work. I am always intrigued by how the sometimes subtle forces of human nature sees conversations conducted in a circle and often times finds the humans with hands on hips, thumbs in pockets, and arms crossed. It’s like the huddle in football (old school football that is), the lawn chairs around the campfire, the 10-top banquet table (at which no one can reach the salt and pepper shakers), the group hug, Hollywood’s wagon train defense strategy in old Westerns, Camelot’s Knights of the Round Table, or in this case, the Parks staff, architects, engineers, planners, and landscape architects each communicating their ideas. When circling up happens, all the “like whens” happen. It seems we always tend to “circle up” and talk, plead, direct, emphasize, get stern, or tell bad jokes, or any combination of that. And everyone quickly learns there is always someone in the circle that can reach the salt and pepper shaker….

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