(53) HHS Classmates & When We Were Young Playlist Fav

After attending and enjoying my 40th high school reunion last fall, and seeing and renewing old friendships (picture below), this is a song that quickly hit a chord in the “Favs Playlist”…. Let me photograph you in this light In case it is the last time That we might be exactly like we were Before we realized We were sad of getting old It made us restless Oh, I’m so mad I’m getting old It makes me reckless It was just like a movie It was just like a song When we were young Continue reading (53) HHS Classmates & When We Were Young Playlist Fav

The Chilly Daily Cap(s) (34)

On this 10 degree morning, I managed to find my camera, grab a coat, start the car (but not let it get fully warmed up), assure Dad I had not gone bezerk overnight, leave the house half dressed in nightwear and half in not-so-warm street clothes, scrape the frost from the windows, and drive a couple miles to get to a sunrise vantage point early enough for this…. Ok then…wait a few minutes, move a bit, adjust a camera setting or two, and find a different look for the same sunrise. Ya know, despite bearing the temperature extremes and livelihood … Continue reading The Chilly Daily Cap(s) (34)

A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

I love weather-watching in Kansas…at times it can fill the entire horizon, and you can see it coming (happening) from a long ways away. It can sometimes seem to swallow you up whole But then as quickly as you get a little weather, it then calms down quite nicely Only to fire back up after sunset so you can marvel in its might (I used my Canon G15 on the hood of my truck, letting the lightning illuminate the thunderhead, and my nephews car tail lights lighting the gravel drive in the foreground…all this with a flashing spent battery light … Continue reading A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

The On The Farm Daily Cap(s) (325)

The Swallows love the mangled barbed wire in the trailer, except when I get too close… For all things grains, crops, seeds, and harvest, the COOP has been the farmer’s go-to place throughout the Great Plains for decades, as this old truck would surely tell if asked…. With the first frost having already come knocking and winter bears down (despite being 72 degrees today), the remnants of a Kansas sunflower stubbornly continues it survival vigilance against the inevitable… Jerry versus the standing-dead Cottonwood (Jerry won, but not without a fight)…. On the High Plains if a tree wants to grow … Continue reading The On The Farm Daily Cap(s) (325)

35 and counting

What a grand weekend! And boy howdy did I take a bunch of pictures!

the uncooperative guys at the 35th

The milestone 35th reunion happened at Hays High School. Despite a losing effort for the current Indians on the football field (losing to Garden City), those of us alumni able to attend the homecoming and reunion had a fabulous time…not just one evening, but two!

Our class of 190-something produced about 45 of us over the weekend. We all showed up to enjoy ourselves, the time spent with good friends, and to poke fun at the aging habits a handful of us seem to be developing. Better yet, little grief was taken on the thinning noggin, chubby cheeks, and the mid-section bounce that seems to have graced my curb appeal. I guess it is what it is, huh?

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My Best Shot(s) of 2010

I took a whole bunch of pictures…I’m talking a big ol’ bunch of pictures last year (and the year before had around 15,000 snapped for that matter).

Somewhere  in the neighborhood of 19,000 pictures are stored on my computer (and backed up on two different portable hard drives) that have a 2010 date. So what the heck, I took took a stab at a Top 50 list. Let me know what you think.

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This is really pretty way cool

Those that frequent this blog know of my unquestionable loyalty to Kansas State University, both academically and athletically (let’s not mention the thousands of dollars they got from me here). Because of that, a reluctance to give “press” to the rival college(s) is stubbornly applied, i.e. just about anything to do with the University of Kansas or the rest of the Big 3+7 (another post yet to come). But with this post, I make a proud exception!

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A rediscovered photo in my 2009-365 collection captures the Toulon grain elevator in Kansas over Thanksgiving weekend last year. A common sight in Kansas are grain elevators, this Toulon elevator is about two miles from Dad’s house. The layered colors in the stockpile were a definite bonus. An ever so faint half moon can be seen in the top left quad of the photo – the photos gods were gracious to me this day.

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Photo Surprise

It was kind of like finding $20 in a pair of pants…way cool. I grabbed an idle CF card for my Canon for a few quick pictures the other night. When I started to download them later that evening I found a handful of other pictures patiently waiting for me to share – pictures taken over the Father’s Day weekend.  Check out Flickr for new pictures of OFGNi Madison. Tripod the Calf (RIP) wanting feed gets the blog picture (along with FD in the unusual pose – that birds and bees talk may be long over due) tm Continue reading Photo Surprise