Walking a Neighborhood in Bloom

My backyard Sour Cherry Tree (and not another pollinator anywhere close that I know of) Sneaking a picture of neighbor’s Daylily (this took some “stealth photography” exercises in order not to alert the yappy dogs of my encroachment) Petunias greet the postman every Spring day next door… I’ve had these Spiderlilies at my front door for many years, although the blooms get less each year as my trees give too much shade (a Jamaican gardener I once knew called these “Trashy Ladies”…he had his reasons and I’ll leave it at that) Why is it a rose – or that by … Continue reading Walking a Neighborhood in Bloom

POW 3-7-2012

For those of you that follow or happen across this blog, please know I do an email distribution of odd, funny, peculiar, and sometimes cool photos discovered throughout any given week. Most of the photos are of signs, or drive-by and/or while-driving observations. Now please understand, I’m not always regular (probably a poor choice of word there) with my POW (Pictures Of the Week) emails. I’ll try to be more consistent, and by posting here we’ll see if that so moves me to be better about my regularity.

These photos are different (at least up to this point in time) than “The Daily Cap” series. And for those of you already on the email list that also read my blog, you get POW’d twice….

1/28/2012: Carrollton, Texas

I’m not sure whether the wind blew away the rest of the signs, or if this is it…”as” if this will make be stop and shop cars, right?

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POW: 6-3-2011

Pictures for the Week

4/9/2011: at a stop light somewhere (maybe it was Grapevine)

I must admit it does bother me some that a preachy window sticker like this one is prominently displayed in the back window of this guy’s car. Maybe it was a disgruntled mood moment for me: we were both at a standstill in our cars during rush hour traffic that was going nowhere when I saw this….

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Let me tell ya a story about a man named….

Hey! Granny fell off!

So it was, I admit, I delayed traffic on the commute home Thursday evening.

But you tell me…what right-minded photographer wouldn’t have done the same if they happened upon an interesting vehicle traveling the same route as you, right?

Don’t you know I excited the highway and waited on the service road for him to pass…twice. His top speed was 40. Any faster and the plywood would have set sail, and the rail nails popped out.

Ya just can’t (you have to pronounce that “caint”) get much more bubba than this.  Continue reading “Let me tell ya a story about a man named….”