The Order in the Court Daily Caps

Grimes County Courthouse, Anderson Texas. This is the 5th courthouse for the county completed in 1894. The wood staircase leading out of the second floor courtroom is fire sprinklered – the first four courthouses were destroyed by fire. Situated inside a very small radius traffic circle provides for little lawn area and no trees – the courthouse architecture is commanding and dominates the old downtown district.
A side view of the second floor courtroom looking towards the jury box. The pressed tin barrel ceiling is impressive.
The judge’s bench, from the courtroom gallery perspective….
The north side of the Courthouse (because it is in a traffic circle, there really is no “backside” to the courthouse). Photographing Texas courthouses is a passion “sentence” I have. Wonderful hospitality from the county staff – they let me look around on a Friday late afternoon and gave me a brief courthouse history lesson. Thank you Becky (the county elections administrator) for the tour!

Just the facts, ma’am

In reading a work-related on-line article about effective presentations, one forwarded from our marketing department with professional development intent I’m sure, I found myself nodding in agreement and chuckling with one particular exerpt…

“Never Let Facts Speak for Themselves

Facts need interpretation. According to Mark Twain, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” If you don’t believe this, tune in to the next political campaign. People can make facts and numbers mean almost anything. Interpret yours so that your listeners draw the same conclusions you intend.” Continue reading “Just the facts, ma’am”

Giving the slip

I have officially decided that I will no longer post pictures on this blog for fear it might incite some people into not providing me comic relief opportunities (my silly every-day-America photos). It just might also cause my faithful readers to question my genuine intent, trustworthiness, integrity in bringing you the most authenitic photographs possible…believe me, I really ought to take a break from the camera and learn Photoshop if I’ve got to start doctoring photos for you guys from here on out.  Continue reading “Giving the slip”

Well I would…one day.

Got this question from a Disneyland commercial this evening: “What would you do if you had one more day?”.

So like I usually do, I twist the question a bit, take it out of context (maybe not so much), think about all that is carried in my bucket, and re-ask the question without any thought of Disneyland. This question is intended to stir the deep, soul-reaching responses you have with good friends or close family (more times than not when an adult beverage has influenced your boldness and confidence, among other things). So what would you say (do) if the question was posed to you? Gut-check!

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POW 11-9-2010 (“Signs that make you say ‘Really?'”)

9/26/2010: Edgewood, Texas

OK, the point is we always need to thank our “Veterans”, and take every opportunity to do so. But know this pet shop’s intentions were in the right place thanking our “Vet-rans” (oh the irony of it all), and also for selling kitties cheap (and ya gotta love the home town creativity of having a Science Diet cat food bag promote the sale)

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Done voted today and proud of it. Don’t try to convince otherwise.

Here’s to watching our voting voices be heard by new and old politicians.

This election day we had 34 choices to consider at my polling place (no propositions). It took me a while to get through each choice as I wanted to vote “for” a candidate and not for “a side” had a straight party ticket vote been punched (who came up with that lousy idea anyway?). I also wanted to vote for the friends I have and know running for office as they genuinely put their heart and soul into their election and service…and knowing that of them personally, I cared less of the party label behind their name on the ballot.

Know your elected officicals Call them. Write them. Talk personally with them. Then elect them if you know them well.

And just in case it need be known, I voted for 25 Republicans, 4 Democrats, and 5 Libertarians…or if you want to look at it another way, 21 men and 13 women. Label me as you see fit…I prefer the “Proud Voting American” personally.

Let’s make a difference by voting our conscious…and be better off for it.

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