(11) Sketchnotes

January 11 – the official sketchnote day of sketchnoters everywhere…here are a few examples of my daily note taking at work, church, and during lunch. Although they are not really “sketch notes”, they do capture the conversation with a bit more sketchy lettering flair than most notetaking. Continue reading (11) Sketchnotes

Morning light

Most regular readers to this blog know I am a bit bonkers about photographing sunrises and sunsets. So for a change in scenry, I happened across this early morning sunrise photo on Saturday while driving through Flower Mound. Nothing like an inspirational glimpse at God casting His morning light on the steeple of His house. And I doubt He minds much with the red hawk sitting on the cross of His house of worship either. Continue reading Morning light

Bubba likes Sunday too

In my personal (mental) series of “only in Texas” oddities, I have been inclined of late to rename it “ya jus’ gotta love Texas”….

Yesterday at my religion history lesson (a particular church sermon heavily laden with all sorts of old Egypt-Israel-Jordan geographic references) – before, during, and after the service – I noticed several unique characteristics of the congregation. Please know, I have always been one that prefers at least a casual (not even dressy-casual) wardrobe when attending Sunday service, and think everyone should wear the same (OK, call me a bit pretentious).

Continue reading “Bubba likes Sunday too”