The Scotties Daily Cap(s) (47)

The Royals had a spa day yesterday, getting a bath and haircut, and then felt a bit protective today in the 70 degree weather… The Princess Zoey taking in a lovely afternoon on the patio…. Neither Squirrels nor Mr. Kitty are welcome in our backyard… Prince Peaty on the move… The Princess was willing to play tag with the Prince…. Settling in on the living room chair for the evening…. Continue reading The Scotties Daily Cap(s) (47)

The New Year Daily Cap(s) (1)

I will give this “Daily Cap(tion) a try again this year. 2013 was my lazy photography year and I so missed the creative satisfaction of “looking” for that picture-a-day worthy of posting. Let’s hope I can finish the year out with a picture and caption-per-day. And so it is that I start 2014 off right, as far as I’m concerned: Continue reading The New Year Daily Cap(s) (1)