Weekly Photo Challenge: Above

Every time I’m through Reagan Airport in Washington D.C., I find myself photographing the way-cool roof “above” Look up! See what is “above” the street (an office building in DC) Posting the colors “above” the atrium at the Washington DC Hyatt Regency From 20 floors “above” looking down on, among the other hotel lobby amenities, a piano on an island…if only they had let me showcase my unbridled talent for playing chopsticks. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Above

The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

What fun we’ve had! Fun times with the present opening…. His other grandpa repurposed the FDIL’s childhood Radio Flyer wagon for Lincoln – turned out great! Lincoln got an alligator hat for Christmas – it didn’t stay on his head long…. A long day and tons of presents…he’s now starting to wind down for the day…. We all hope y’all are having a grand and merry Christmas The end of a long day…. Continue reading The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

The Lincoln Daily Cap(s) (358)

It’s Lincoln…oh yeah, and his Mom and Dad (just kidding M&D – we’re glad to see you too) It’s Lincoln…oh yeah, and his Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Mark (just kidding A&U – we’re glad to see you too) What a clean-cut kid! (doing some naked-time after his bath – “Boy! Get your clothes on!”…”thanks Grandpa will being discreet with the photo. I will really like that when I get older”) We’ll be swinging and giggling the whole while…. Our little child prodigy! OK y’all. Stay with me while I sit my camera down and hug up on this little guy … Continue reading The Lincoln Daily Cap(s) (358)