The Scotties Daily Cap(s) (47)

The Royals had a spa day yesterday, getting a bath and haircut, and then felt a bit protective today in the 70 degree weather… The Princess Zoey taking in a lovely afternoon on the patio…. Neither Squirrels nor Mr. Kitty are welcome in our backyard… Prince Peaty on the move… The Princess was willing to play tag with the Prince…. Settling in on the living room chair for the evening…. Continue reading The Scotties Daily Cap(s) (47)

Learning something

After spending part of my day at a dog park we designed for a City park project; after watching a Yorkie run at top speed (dang they’re fast); after being entertained by an Australian Shepherd (that breed doesn’t know when to call it quits), I came across this and thought…”This I like!” (from this:

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From My Dog…

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