(70) Baytown Sunrise

Mind you this was taken in route to an early morning client meeting in LaPorte (Texas) so the photography skill at 65mph and keeping the truck between the white lines was part of the challenge, but it is still a nice sunrise over the shipyard and petrochemical plants in Baytown (Texas).

(69) Yours Playlist Fav

I am thinking it is the purity to her voice that makes this a favorite of mine – Ella Henderson, singing “Yours”.

And I will find my strength to untape my mouth
When I used to be afraid of the words
But with you I’ve learned just to let it out
Now my heart is ready to burst

‘Cause I, I feel like I’m ready for love
And I wanna be your everything and more
And I know every day you say it
But I just want you to be sure
That I’m yours

(64) Mo

“Mo”, the cat’s meow, being without a tail and hearing, having age, belonging to the OFSIL and OFBIL, maintains a formidable look with his sometimes gentle disposition.

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