(16) The Fog Is Getting Thicker…

At 5:00 am, a sentinel oak is silhouetted by the street light and early morning fog. It’s a Halloween morning in January! (And don’t ask why I was up and about town at that hour of a holiday Monday morning, but suffice to say it was without a tripod….)

(11) Wednesday Favs Video (2)

You can’t hide standing under these stars
They know everything, they know where you are
You’re in your head, you’re all turned around with in
And they’re shining down their lights to bring you back again
Back where I can find you to crawl inside you

I’m ringing all the warning bells, careful or you’ll hurt yourself
Others lie, lie, lie, they adore you
I’ll be the one to tell, careful or you’ll hurt yourself
Gonna try, try, try ’til the morning comes

(10) Sketch Tuesday

A quick overlay of a Town Green concept…..
Streetscape idea….
Sidewalk patterning….
It’s an idea expressed graphically….
Streetscape and traffic calming through downtown….