The No Lifeguard Duty Daily Cap

Kind of makes you want to walk up the sand ramp, stand tough-looking facing the water, take a long and deep breath, and enjoy the view, yes? Or maybe you could at least do a David Hasselhoff slow-motion beach run-by

The Tilted x 3 Daily Dance(s)

” I am actually good, can’t help it if we’re tilted”…

Pardon me for posting three versions of the same song – each good by itself. I just didn’t know which one to share.

Love this artist; love her knee swings at the 2:11 marker of song (English version – 1st one); love the live version (3rd one). Unless you know French, to comprehend the lyrics leave the 2nd one to listen to till last. I betting that if this song doesn’t make you get up and dance and sing a couple of catchy phrases, you will at least be tapping your toe, or tilting your own moves.

“I’m doing my face, with Magic Markers”…what the heck?


The Bucking Fish Daily Cap

Naked aquatic rodeo-ing…there had to have been a sport of it at one time in order to fashion a sculpture pose afterwards, right? It could be 8 seconds on a docile regurgitating fish with only one bird excrement mishap. This is the Call of the Sea Sculpture in the Rose Arc Pool (below the Cherry Esplanade) at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Artist was Harriet Whitney Frishmuth. 


The Moo Monument Daily Caps

Only in Texas can you build a monumental gateway for your ranch…
…that has a Lone Star on a peg sticking in the skull of a flying golden-horned Longhorn, and made prettier with scrolls and frilly ironwork on either side of the cow. (This was a happenstance discovery because of a wrong turn on the backroads near Navasota, Texas)


The Sleepy Scotties Daily Cap

I know there is very little photographic composition  or skill on display here (what the better-than-I call a “snapshot”), but it has a smile factor. I don’t think the Princess Zoey (left) ever realized the Prince Peaty was sort of mirror snuggling up to her