The Lincoln Pumpkin Daily Cap(s) (288)

The FS, FDIL, and FGs – in the pumpkin patch at Tarrytown United Methodist Church (Austin) – what a great family of three!!! This is one chillin’ Lincoln…. “I’ll take this one grandpa!” Who’s being silly now? Now this is scaringly funny…. “Ohhhhhh, so this is what they call grass….” Lincoln eventually found his favorite pumpkin in the patch…and we bought it! Tia T (Aunt Tiffany, and aka FD to me) came in from NYC to spend a long weekend with her Favorite Nephew. These two are having a blast! Continue reading The Lincoln Pumpkin Daily Cap(s) (288)

Scared cool

Halloween is one week from Monday. I’ve got half a bag of candy ready to dole out…come on by. I usually have candy left over each year. Last one here gets the most (and best) candy!

With my street address I need to go prowlin’ for a couple of pumpkins for craving get kids to the door. Little did I know when I bought this house years ago that location-location-location needed to be considered. My street is the primary in-n-out for everyone and homes on my block are only on one side of the street – not a bad setup really except the for the day, or maybe it’s just for the one frightful night in October.

Kids, it seems, already have a shopping savvy in them wanting to work both sides of a street for their free candy. So it is the Jack O’Lanterns that get trick-or-treaters to my street, and has them excited, or scared walking up to the door.

The many years of doing 8-12 funny, scary, crazy pumpkin cravings for Halloween night with FD and FS were suddenly paled in comparison to a “Top 10 Halloween Events” watched on, of all things, The Weather Channel last week (follow that link above for a bit of craziness celebration).

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