They Look, they see, they watch…something

Mackie and Zoey, the royal Scots of the house, were caught peering out the dining room window while soaking up a bit of early morning sunlight. I’m thinking they really do kind of like each other but are too proud to show it.

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They can Dance, and they certainly can eat

A fun filled weekend with the Scotties…don’t ask what else they (i.e. Zoey) did ’cause I can’t tell you…but it did make a Scottie owner proud and more completely understand the breed…it’s been a while since the Queen did something like it….atta a girl Zoey!

Zoey gets a treat

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Scottie takes flight

Tonight I come home late from work, the girls (Mackie and Zoey) are impatiently waiting for one of us to come in the door to dish out the chow.  So quickly, I bowed to the Royalty and feed the girls, did a couple of quick chores, and clicked on the television.

Chimney Swifts. Know them? Cool birds that will literally dive bomb into an un-hooded chimney at dusk. It really is a sight to watch. They will aggressively buzz you before circling overhead and then do this full speed nose-dive into the chimney for the evening. Their “clucking” sound chirp is unique. They clutch and build nests on the vertical face of the walls.

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