Take a Hike

The paved half of the trail at Willow Grove Park (Lake Dallas Texas)

Hey y’all! Today is National Trails Day…can you believe it? Have you gone out and hiked or biked a trail yet?

Well I did. This morning I hip-wiggled into my flattering padded tush biking shorts, pumped up the tires and took off for a 6-mile ride on a City trail along the lake edge.

It will never cease to amaze me the things you can see and hear when you’re not motoring. I will always appreciate the natural stuff and truly let its grasp take hold of me. That is until I happen uponĀ a snakeĀ (or vice versa).

If that were to happen (a snake and me encounter), well…I’m either going to pity the snake for the panicked wild man wrath about to be unleashed upon it…after the fact, or if someone is with me heaven forbid they get in my way during a hasty, Katy-bar-the-door, asses-n-elbows, Monty Python “run away” retreat. Did I ever mention when confronted by a snake, the kind of snake makes no difference, this blogger can run a whole lot faster than he can bicycle? “Drop the bicycle and RUUUUUNNNNNN!”

But there were no snakes seen today (and you thought you were gonna get a Tim-got-scared snake story didn’t ya? HA!).

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