POW 10-13-2010

So…several of you have expressed your preferences and I’m pleased to say POW (Picture Of the Week) will continue it’s email distribution. But I will most likely post to the blog as well. Thanks for your input.

10/10/2010: My backyard – it’s that time of year for butterfly migration (or flutter-by if you prefer)


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POW 10-06-2010

POW (Picture of the Week)

Nothing more than a few silly randomnesses (sometimes my vocabulary ain’t no better than the writing on some car windows seen around town)….

9/30/2010: IH35W south of downtown Fort Worth

“and by gosh we’re gonna kill us some bugs dead…but only those that aren’t God’s creatures!”

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POW 08-16-2010

POW – Picture(s) of the Week

Having recently returned from my 9-day adventure from Texas to Brooklyn New York, I’m proud to claim my photo library has increased by more than 1,000 pictures. It’s BYOB to my house for sharing each and every one of those with anyone interested (not to worry…you won’t see them all with the weekly photo send).

We saw beautiful country, enjoyed many eats, and laughed our way there and back. But it was yesterday’s last leg of the trip that garnered the biggest outburst of laughter. We were driving through Little Rock Arkansas when we happened upon a vehicle…. Needless to say, Deb had to take the last few pictures as she thought I was jiggling the camera too much with my laughter. I not sure if it was the bleacher-butt wear-n-tear of a 4,111-mile trip, the 12-hour drive last-leg home yesterday from Nashville, the fact we were in Bubba-land Arkansas, or perhaps it was a combination of all of those that made me nearly wet my britches and caused tearful driving for several miles.

So, be it known:

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POW 06-14-2010

POW – Picture(s) of the Week

Schmooosing Picture for the Day

Just what every young lady hopes for as she waits for the “walk” light at a busy street intersection…a man at least twice her age with sexy see-thru-side-seam pants and tank top, riding a bicycle, wearing shades and straw hat while puffing on a cigarette and carrying a vacuum sweeper….wow! My big ol’ belly doesn’t seem near as imposing as it did yesterday.

6/14/2010 Wichita Kansas (Old Downtown)

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