The Lincoln Loves Butterflies Daily Cap(s) (89)

My little man Lincoln gets after negotiating the steps at the Texas Discovery Garden He’s a polite sitter, yes? And sits he does…. And it’s not the first time I wondered what he’s thinking about as he does his play routine…. The kid knows how to push Bop-pa’s button…just point to a way-cool garden ornament even if it’s way bigger than he stands. Continue reading The Lincoln Loves Butterflies Daily Cap(s) (89)

Sunny Side Up

The more I use my Canon G15, the more I figure out what it can and cannot do. I set this on AV mode and messed with the settings for a dozen shots or so. One thing for sure is when I do close ups, that high dollar tripod sitting on the backseat floorboard of my truck ought to be put to use. Despite the camera shake and crabby cursing of a bright mid-day sun, the butterfly was a champ in having tremendous patience as I tried to find just the right angle. Continue reading Sunny Side Up