My home county has decided to aerial spray for the West Nile virus-carrying mosquito this coming week. I fear these guys, along many other good bugs, will be adversely affected by what may be a political overreaction. So today I got out before the insecticide gets all over everything.
Day hike at the Coppell Nature Center was a discovery of several unknowns….
Good thing I (aerial) sprayed my person for bugs, spiders, and chiggers…and the wasps and grasshoppers came after me as well (damn them hornets). I’m calling the County on Monday – maybe while they’re going after the West Nile they can kick up the dose of insecticide and kill all those pests that were an inconvenient nuisance on my nature walk today.
Sometimes the sunlight peeked through the trees just right….
I am usually challenged with photographing yellow flower well…maybe all the shade helped today.
Hey wait a minute! I know what these guys are!
See what a little bit of rain can do….
Night fishing….
Life is good!