The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)

I know…you guys are probably getting tired of all the turkey pictures, but this morning these two, I swear, were dancing for me. It’s probably the same two that were singing for me a couple days ago. Regardless, let it be known here and now that anyone who dances for me will at least get the top Limeyfish post-a-day billing. So if you can, please enjoy the series of 12 consecutive pictures of these two Tom’s strutting their stuff in a manly way just for me. It was definitely their defining stage moment; their showtime and time to show; their … Continue reading The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)

Wrapped up

Just when I was getting all wrapped up in…”stuff”, I have to be reminded to get all unwrapped, for crying out loud.

Work, political argument, professional challenges, successes and failures, family attitudes, time demands, making ends meet, coordinating schedules of events, getting ready for a 3-day weekend trip, sadly realizing LD High School football has their last home game this Friday,  figuring out how to evict the pity-party-goers trying to dominate the day, and a big one: having to deal with the absurdity and unfairness of life.

Oh geez….

So then… Continue reading “Wrapped up”