The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)

I know…you guys are probably getting tired of all the turkey pictures, but this morning these two, I swear, were dancing for me. It’s probably the same two that were singing for me a couple days ago. Regardless, let it be known here and now that anyone who dances for me will at least get the top Limeyfish post-a-day billing. So if you can, please enjoy the series of 12 consecutive pictures of these two Tom’s strutting their stuff in a manly way just for me. It was definitely their defining stage moment; their showtime and time to show; their song and dance for anyone willing to pause a moment and watch; their foggy morning romancing of the hens. It had to have been…I just know it! I am much too aware that of the age, looks, and disposition of yours truly, it certainly does not warrant any kind of courtship…even one from one turkey (or two) to another turkey.

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