When I grow up, I want one of these

Hmmm, lets see…how ’bout…

maybe a Bentley, or a Mazariti, or a Mercedes

No…perhaps a Jaguar, or a Maybach, or a Triumph, or a Lamborghini

I know!

A ’41 Ford Super Deluxe, or a ’59 Chevy Parkwood Station Wagon, or a 55′ Studebaker Speedster, or a ’38 Buick Roadmaster!

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Keep your shirt on

CAUTION: those with a weak stomach may not want to open this post – take my word for it. You’d have to “open” the post to see for yourself and by then you might lose your meal.

Remember a few weeks ago I posted that my tennis elbow-ment got checked out? You know, the doctor had me diagnosed in 1 minute and had the surgery papers ready to sign in the next minute…and I told him I need alternatives and he got offended with me. Ah yeah! OK…

Well I never went back to him, instead opting for an “alternative” I found on my own.  Continue reading “Keep your shirt on”

Just what the doctor ordered

Hey y’all, I went to my plumbing doctor the other day. No one really likes those appointments, but you go anyway. You get there and then, well, you know the routine…well maybe you don’t, sorry. Allow me to explain.

Upon arrival, I check in and then asked to take a seat in the waiting room. After about for 15 minutes (and after enough time has gone by to get halfway through a really interesting magazine article), I’m called to go “beyond that door”. I am promptly greeted by Nurse Grumpy that hands me a sample cup and points to the last door on the right (I’d be grumpy too if that was my job day in and day out). There, the natural body function performance of peeing is done, admirably I might add, for the sake of medical science. Open the door and get shuffled to the exam room.

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Of all the days today could be…

…it ends up being Squirrel Appreciation Day. Gee Whiz I missed it. Yup, I had my slingshot at the ready and could have taken aim.

The National Wildlife Federation came up with the nuisance idea. What were they thinking? Huffington Post gave it some press – the photos at the bottom of the webpage link are worth checking out regardless of your tolerance level for the ornery mammals.

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The Colonoscopy followup

Perhaps my favorite from my growing goofy sign collection of pictures….

Many of you have read and commented on the EHR: Colonoscopy Journal posting – this photo (in Fort Worth) seems only fitting.

Many of you have already seen this photo, but it is worthy of another look (note the business sign on the left, then read the sign on the right)…then grab your ankles….ugggghhhhh Continue reading “The Colonoscopy followup”