Rest In Peace Princess Zoey

‘Zoe”, “Zoey”, “Zoe-Zoe”, “Ms. Zoey”, “Zoe-Bird”, “Zoe-Doe”, “Princess”, “Pretty Girl”, “Baby Girl”.

Always vigilant in her back yard.

We picked her up from a young European college-bound lady on April 17, 2010 as an adolescent Scottish Terrier. We never knew her birth date, her birth parents, her puppy years, nor the challenges she faced early and the hardships she overcame with her first owners. We only knew that Ms. Leah rescued her from abuse, then entrusted us when college changed her ability to take care of Zoe. We gave her comfort and a home, and she enriched our lives in many ways in return.

Ms. Zoey with her beloved “Pink” that came with her from Ms. Leah

Zoey graced us with years of happy companionship. “Zoe-Zoe” was a special dog to us. None other than true to the toughness of the breed, stubborn on our walks, fearsome in protecting the homestead, and gentle in her demeanor, she maintained her Scottie personality and attitude to the end.

Soon after bringing Peaty (monster) home – the look of “what have you done to me?”

After 6 months of staving off a terminal condition, today Zoey’s bladder cancer reared up with no-reason vengeance and gave her worn-down body, mind, and spirit more pain than she could bear. Thank you Dr. Strittmatter for your care, kindness and relief. She is missed already.

Good bye “Baby Girl”.

Sweet Zoey

7 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Princess Zoey

  1. Oh, Tim. I am so sorry. Princess Zoey had such a great life with you and Deb. She was truly blessed to have been a part of your family. Such a sweet face and unconditional love, always. Rest In Peace, Princess Zoey. 💗


  2. Tim,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a beloved member of the family. I have so enjoyed your pictures over the years!



  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Zoey. She was so lucky you found her, You gave her a home haven and made her later years the best ever.
    Treasured Memories…


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