The Lincoln Loves Butterflies Daily Cap(s) (89)

My little man Lincoln gets after negotiating the steps at the Texas Discovery Garden He’s a polite sitter, yes? And sits he does…. And it’s not the first time I wondered what he’s thinking about as he does his play routine…. The kid knows how to push Bop-pa’s button…just point to a way-cool garden ornament even if it’s way bigger than he stands. Continue reading The Lincoln Loves Butterflies Daily Cap(s) (89)

The Harmony Daily Cap (51)

Friday night was the start of the 2-day Men’s Conference at Denton Bible Church. And for the 900 men gathered to worship, 50-60 of us decided to give a go at singing a couple songs for the event. The 5 weeks of rehearsals leading up to the Conference was a great time of musical fellowship and we didn’t sound half bad…at least from my ear’s vantage point. As any obsessed photographer does, you always look for your next picture. If Kendall (our director standing at the pulpit) finds out that I snuck an iPhone picture from the risers he might … Continue reading The Harmony Daily Cap (51)