The Chilly Daily Cap(s) (34)

On this 10 degree morning, I managed to find my camera, grab a coat, start the car (but not let it get fully warmed up), assure Dad I had not gone bezerk overnight, leave the house half dressed in nightwear and half in not-so-warm street clothes, scrape the frost from the windows, and drive a couple miles to get to a sunrise vantage point early enough for this…. Ok then…wait a few minutes, move a bit, adjust a camera setting or two, and find a different look for the same sunrise. Ya know, despite bearing the temperature extremes and livelihood … Continue reading The Chilly Daily Cap(s) (34)

The Random Wednesday Daily Cap(s) (22)

Good thing I was watching my odometer for the all-3s flip over….I’m ’bout out of gas! I love odd and obvious signs….. Observations from the office window…. A second floor exercise classroom at TWU stacks ’em high those large bouncy balls Continue reading The Random Wednesday Daily Cap(s) (22)