(146) The Bridged Daily Cap

One of many cool bridges that span the creeks, ravines, and rivers in the mountains of northern Arkansas…this one near Cotter is appropriately called the “Cotter Bridge” and was built in 1930. The bridge spans the White River. It has National Register of Historic Places as well as National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark designations. It begs the “they don’t make like they used to” statement to said aloud. I wouldn’t mind owning the home on the ridge that has this view out the back door…. Continue reading (146) The Bridged Daily Cap

The Chilly Daily Cap(s) (34)

On this 10 degree morning, I managed to find my camera, grab a coat, start the car (but not let it get fully warmed up), assure Dad I had not gone bezerk overnight, leave the house half dressed in nightwear and half in not-so-warm street clothes, scrape the frost from the windows, and drive a couple miles to get to a sunrise vantage point early enough for this…. Ok then…wait a few minutes, move a bit, adjust a camera setting or two, and find a different look for the same sunrise. Ya know, despite bearing the temperature extremes and livelihood … Continue reading The Chilly Daily Cap(s) (34)

The Road Trip Snapshot Daily Cap(s) (32)

OK, the road trip is not a bicycle outing. But this was found just a few minutes from the house. I am still searching for why a bicycle chained up to the Dollar General sign post made me stop and take the snapshot. I like the simplicity of the advertisement, the “reach” of the sign, and not to mention the inviting suggestion of libation. Now I wonder if the selection of beverages is as simple as the signage (and the snapshot) My new favorite eatery. The Diner in Norman Oklahoma. A guy could get really chubby with a classic restaurant … Continue reading The Road Trip Snapshot Daily Cap(s) (32)