Tooling about while at the beach

Did I mention that on my recent excursion to the left coast, I took one day to do a 10-mile bicycle ride?

Well technically, it was a 10-mile ride on 2 different bikes…but both required moving my legs in a circulation motion, if that counts. (and you know it does)

I have long wondered whether a recumbent bicycle (the bike where it feels like you’re dragging a#$ on the pavement) is a ride enjoyed. Those particular bicycles have always been a source of curiousity for me.

I’ve never taken a “test drive” with one.

That is, until last Friday….

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I’m not gonna quit beaching

Yes, call me liberal if you must. Call me a nut because you want to. You’ll probably be wrong in whatever you say (and I won’t add any polictical adjective here either), but know it won’t change my mind. I love the left coast…from San Diego to San Francisco (and probably beyond if I ever get up that way).

So can the politics for just a minute and tell me…how could you not? Unless of course the earth got to moving way too much under your feet – hey, wasn’t that a song?

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