Yes, call me liberal if you must. Call me a nut because you want to. You’ll probably be wrong in whatever you say (and I won’t add any polictical adjective here either), but know it won’t change my mind. I love the left coast…from San Diego to San Francisco (and probably beyond if I ever get up that way).

So can the politics for just a minute and tell me…how could you not? Unless of course the earth got to moving way too much under your feet – hey, wasn’t that a song?

It goes without saying anything...except I couldn't do the rings
Waiting to "muscle" in the fog - Santa Monica Beach
Palms look so cool on a foggy morning
Early morning surfer dude
Early morning paddler dude
Early morning fisherman dude
Lifeguard off duty at Hut 17 on Santa Monica Beach
Waiting for a handout at Paradise Beach (or is it "Cove")...regardless, damn Gulls
A piece of Paradise on a Saturday morning
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Santa Barbara?
Awwww, do I have to go home just yet?