Deep breath…OK then

To my faithful limeyfishers, sorry. I had to recharge the body and soul, and in so doing got a bit lazy with the post-a-day thing I had going, and the weekly photo challenge (posting not picturing). So in a good ol’ fashion college try, I’m offering up
a few stacked posts over the next few days. Ya think that’ll get me back even?

If nothing else, it gives you something to read while you take that second drink of coffee in the morning.

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mileSTONED again

St. Patrick’s Day proved to have some luck for me – ya know, I’m really beginning to believe in this fate stuff lately.  You see I am a wee bit Irish there laddie, which may explain my likening to have a listen (and sing along) with U2, Mary Black, Celtic Woman, and a tendency to take down a mess potatoes like no one’s business. But if you ask me about Notre Dame, I will tell you my two favorite teams on game day are K-State and whoever is playing ND.

OK, there is a leprechaun’s pot of gold to this post. St. Patty’s night, about 11:30 pm, marked the 10,000th hit to the blog! Continue reading “mileSTONED again”

Milestones to toss about

Last week marked a milestone for the TMay82 blog – it passed it’s 5,000th hit (if you have yet to noticed, at the bottom of the left column is a running total). This blog averages about 25-30 hits per day, and most of those come from a handful of  OFBgrs (yup…I’m adding a new blogism to the list: OFBgr = One Faithful Blogger).

Since blogging has a cool stats feature, it tells me what buttons can/should be pushed with my postings to generate the visits and comments.  This blog’s 98 postings has generated 215 comments across 32 different categories having 103 tags. What does that mean? It means I talk (write…some might say babble) alot. Continue reading “Milestones to toss about”